Are Web Directories still beneficial for SEO?

In the past, web directories were pretty widespread. Of course, they were regularly used for SEO purposes. The question is, are they still relevant? Can you use a web directory and achieve similar results as with one of the numerous London SEO services?

Web directories were used by regular users pretty much all the time. Even though they lacked much content, they were still shown in search engines. Is using a web directory today better than simply using London SEO services? Most likely not, because they have largely become a thing of the past and lost their former relevance. Today, people don’t talk about web directories anymore. You hardly ever hear them mentioned. If you’re looking for a reasonable SEO strategy, you’ll have much better luck with the help of an SEO services London company.

Of course, the mere fact that such directories contain a lot of thematic links sorted by categories is pretty interesting, as it is a form of organized content. But with the advent of search engines people don’t rely on web directories anymore. As a result, it doesn’t make much sense to place links there due to their spammy nature. This is clearly not something that the best SEO company would do as their main strategy. Though, of course, this practice probably won’t hurt in moderation (like everything else done in moderation).

These days, only content-heavy sites count, which means that web directories are much less helpful than they once were back in the day. Is it really beneficial to place your links there? Hardly so, because it will likely not bring any traffic, and their value in the eyes of the search engine is rather questionable. For example, you can use the SEO services London and reliably achieve better results, using much more modern, proven strategies.